By creating great curb appeal, you can set your house apart from others on the same street and set the stage for potential buyers driving by or arriving for a viewing of the property. By making sure that the home looks inviting, you increase the likelihood of a drive by turning into a viewing and home buying. Most ideas for giving your house that “pow” curb appeal are low cost and offer a great return on investment. Some real estate and landscaping professionals estimate a dramatic increase in value just from creating an attractive picture from the street.

Clean with Power Washing

One of the most important things that a property owner can do to make the property more attractive is to power wash everything. From the driveway to the house exterior and steps in between.  Taking the grime off the surfaces will go a long way in making the property stand out. This can include out buildings, fencing, and any carport area. This one simple step cannot be underestimated.

Outdoor Living Space Update

Sprucing up your outdoor kitchen and sitting area is also an important improvement that can increase curb appeal. Make sure any furniture is clean, the flower beds are weeded, and the bushes are trimmed. If possible, add a splash of color with blooming flowers. All of these updates create an image that lets the potential buyers imagine themselves enjoying the space.

Brighten the Entryway

Brightening the doorway and path to the door is another great way to attract potential families leading to the home selling. Painting the door with a bright, coordinating color makes the house much more inviting. Highlighting the path to the door with vibrant flowers, either in the ground or in pots, tells the potential buyer they are welcome. These changes show very well from the street.

Keep It Tidy

If you have historically kept piles of wood or other materials for future use, now is the time to get rid of them or move to another location. The more uncluttered the outdoor area is, the better. This includes leaves in flower beds and excessive furniture or accessories on porches. Having unsightly piles of what the possible buyer sees as junk may be all it takes to drive off a potential buyer.

Open the Blinds and Curtains

Curb appeal includes having a uniform look for the windows including the blinds and the curtains. When you leave in the morning, be sure to open the blinds and windows, particularly on the front of the house. In addition to creating and attractive look, this simple technique makes your home seem inviting to those in the home buying market.


No matter where you live, knowing the home selling market is important. Regardless of the market, these low cost, simple updates to the exterior can have a big impact on the level of interest of potential buyers


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