There's more to hosting a great barbecue than just grilling some meat and putting it on a plastic tablecloth. If you want to create a truly spectacular event, here are just eight tips for hitting it out of the park!

1. Mind Your Menu

Get a good head count and make a little extra. There's nothing worse than running out of ribs in the middle of your barbecue. Thankfully, you can avoid this fate with a well-planned menu! There are even apps and online calculators that can help you figure out quantities, prices, allergies, and nutritional information.\

2. Offer Activities for All Ages

This is what distinguishes a true "family event" from "an event where families happen to be." Whether it's a simple ring toss or an elaborate pool-based obstacle…

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Moving is one of life's most difficult events, particularly for children. To help everyone adapt to the change, there are certain things that you can do in advance of, during, and proceeding the event. This blog contains advice for families moving with kids.

In Advance of the Move

Problems start as you start packing. Communicating is essential. Tell kids what will take place. Include them in the planning to instill excitement. Talk about all of the good aspects of the move and not the people they are abandoning.

On Moving Day

Change is hard on every member of the family. As stressful as it can be, try to stay positive. Your demeanor has a huge influence on your kids and their reactions. The following are a few other things you can do on…

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