Your kids have enjoyed the long, lazy days of summer. They’ve gone to bed late each night and slept late every morning. Unfortunately, your little ones are starting back to school in a few days. You’re worried chaos will ensue. If you can relate to this scenario, you’re not alone. Getting back into the school routine can be challenging. To make this process run more smoothly at your home this year, consider adhering to the following tips.

  1. Prepare School Lunches after Dinner
    Do you struggle to get out the door on time every morning? You might especially encounter difficulties when your kids are in school. Instead of trying to make school lunches each hectic morning at your house, prepare them the night before. Making them right after dinner is a…

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By creating great curb appeal, you can set your house apart from others on the same street and set the stage for potential buyers driving by or arriving for a viewing of the property. By making sure that the home looks inviting, you increase the likelihood of a drive by turning into a viewing and home buying. Most ideas for giving your house that “pow” curb appeal are low cost and offer a great return on investment. Some real estate and landscaping professionals estimate a dramatic increase in value just from creating an attractive picture from the street.

Clean with Power Washing

One of the most important things that a property owner can do to make the property more attractive is to power wash everything. From the driveway to the house exterior…

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