It’s that time of year when the sound of shoulder pads smashing against each other is music to the ears. It's time to break out that lucky jersey and cheer your team to victory. Its football season, which means it is the most glorious time of year for many Texans. Great food and drinks go hand in hand with watching your team's journey to the Super Bowl and/or college football's National Championship game, and just as important as those staples are to America's greatest game is where to watch the game. Here are a few of the best places in Central Texas to catch the big game.

Southern's Pizza and Sports Pub (Leander, Tx)

There is no question that pizza, hot wings, sandwiches, and beer are stalwarts of gridiron culture. Southern's Pizza and Sports…

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Rain, wind, fluctuating temperatures, and other sorts of extreme weather can have a devastating effect on your home. In addition to causing property damage, a home that has not undergone weather proofing can also cause higher energy costs and a humid environment. Follow these handy home tips to keep your home protected from changing moisture and temperature levels.

Seal Windows and Doors

Tiny cracks around improperly fitted windows and door frames can cause a lot of problems, especially in older homes. Get a good caulk, weather stripping material, or sealant and go around your home to close up. Make sure to do this at least once when you move to a new property, and check for any additional gaps during your annual home maintenance. Properly…

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