While there are many home tips out there to help you maintain the look and feel of your home both inside and out, many people often overlook the second sense buyers use when looking at homes...the smell. A smell can immediately turn buyers off, or make them feel right at home.  Many of us have pets, dirty laundry, garbage and other items in our homes that can sometimes smell unsavory.  Even the outside temperature can often have an effect on the way your home smells. If you live in a warm place like central Texas, you may have to try different home tips for helping your home smell its best because the humid and hot weather can drastically affect the scent inside your home. Here are some helpful tips to help your central Texas home smell its best.
Five Great Ways To Make Your Home Smell Great

Whether you need home selling tips to help your home smell good for potential buyers or you just want your home to smell good for you and your family, these five tips can make your home easy on the nose:
  1. Burn Incense. There is a wide variety of scents available in incense today, and these scents can help your home smell good. From the earthy smell of sandalwood to the calming scent of lavender, burning incense is a great way to freshen the air inside your home.
  2. Bake Cookies. Who doesn't love the smell of fresh baked cookies? Not only are fresh baked cookies a tasty treat, but the scent can permeate throughout your home leaving a comforting and delicious scent. 
  3. Room Deodorizing Spray. Whether you make it yourself using essential oils or you buy a room deodorizing spray from the grocery store, these types of sprays can be used to keep your home smelling fresh and clean.
  4. Reed Diffusers. Reed Diffusers are sticks that are placed into a container filled with scented liquids like essential oils. The sticks then absorb the liquid leaving your home smelling wonderful. Whether you make a reed diffuser yourself using essential oils or you buy one from the store, reed diffusers make your home smell good while providing a cute home decoration.
  5. Scented Candles. Not only are scented candles soothing and a great source of providing extra light without raising your electricity bill, they are also a great way to bring beautiful fragrance into your home. From pumpkin spice to fresh cucumber, scented candles come in a huge selection of scents that are guaranteed to freshen your home. 

No matter which of these five types of home scenting methods you decide to use, they are all great methods that will help fill your home with wonderful fragrance. Not only do these ideas make great home selling tips, but they also make great tips when it comes to having a great smelling home you and your family will love. Whether you use scented candles, a reed diffuser, incense, deodorizing spray, or you bake up some fresh cookies, each of these five methods of improving the scent of your home are guaranteed to make your home smell its best.

Pro Tip: Don't use overwhelming scents.  Some people get headaches when they are around scents that are too strong.  Subtly is key.

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