Moving is one of life's most difficult events, particularly for children. To help everyone adapt to the change, there are certain things that you can do in advance of, during, and proceeding the event. This blog contains advice for families moving with kids.

In Advance of the Move

Problems start as you start packing. Communicating is essential. Tell kids what will take place. Include them in the planning to instill excitement. Talk about all of the good aspects of the move and not the people they are abandoning.

On Moving Day

Change is hard on every member of the family. As stressful as it can be, try to stay positive. Your demeanor has a huge influence on your kids and their reactions. The following are a few other things you can do on moving day.

Familiar Things - While moving, put aside favorite belongings instead of making kids wait for the moving truck to show up and everything to be unloaded. This will provide comfort.

Schedules - Moving may temporarily disturb regular routines. Try to continue routines such as bedtimes, meals, and activities.

Have a Campout - Be creative and do things such as camping out in your house on a night before the furniture in unpacked. This is fun for the children and sleeping in the same space can be soothing to keep everyone sleeping together during their first time in a new home.

Settling in to a New House

Sometimes distractions help minimize stress. Think of fun activities to do once you are in your new house. This creates memorable moments. Here are some to try.

Movie Night - Watching one of your family's favorite movies can make the new house feel familiar.

Establish New Favorites - Most families have a favored restaurant or store. Find new favorites. Even better, find things that were not offered in the previous neighborhood. It will make the new house seem extra special.

Make the Space Your Own - Most homes could use some decorating, so allow your kids to participate. Younger kids can select paint or accessories while older kids can be more involved. This involvement will help them feel some pride in their new home.

Additional Advice For Families Moving With Kids

The most critical thing to remember during a move is that kids will misbehave. Give them some leeway when they act up understanding that they might need time to adjust to the change. Keep lines of communication open so they are willing to express their fears. This also provides you with the ability to learn about and help them through it. Try the above advice for families moving with kids and think of other creative things to do with your kids.


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