There's more to hosting a great barbecue than just grilling some meat and putting it on a plastic tablecloth. If you want to create a truly spectacular event, here are just eight tips for hitting it out of the park!

1. Mind Your Menu

Get a good head count and make a little extra. There's nothing worse than running out of ribs in the middle of your barbecue. Thankfully, you can avoid this fate with a well-planned menu! There are even apps and online calculators that can help you figure out quantities, prices, allergies, and nutritional information.\

2. Offer Activities for All Ages

This is what distinguishes a true "family event" from "an event where families happen to be." Whether it's a simple ring toss or an elaborate pool-based obstacle course, it's important to have games that the little ones can enjoy just as much as the adults. They'll keep everyone equally entertained.

3. Serve Everything Buffet-Style

Buffet tables are the easiest way to ensure that your guests aren't constantly tromping in and out of the kitchen. If you want, you can even set up mini-stations for different food groups. For example, a "meat station" could include spices and condiments while an "ice cream station" offers nuts, sprinkles and cherries.

4. Invest in Wireless Speakers

You've created an awesome playlist. You're ready to get people on their feet and grooving to the beat. But do you want everyone tripping over wires as they do the electric slide? Invest in some wireless speakers to enjoy high-quality sound without a high-risk environment.

5. Stay Cool

You might be surprised at how quickly the temperature can climb when everyone is gathered around a grill or fire pit! Even if the weather is nice, you'll want to have some fans and cold drinks on standby. The goal is to keep everyone cool, fresh, hydrated and ready for the next appetizer.

6. Designate "Trash Zones"

This is especially important if you'll have pets running around the backyard. You don't want Fido to stockpile all of those half-eaten, thrown-away hamburgers in his doghouse, so do yourself a favor and make sure that your guests know about the trash zones. They should be very clear and accessible.

7. Beware the Bugs

Hang nets. Burn tiki torches. Don't leave your plates and bowls uncovered. Between flies, ants, mosquitoes and other creepy-crawlies, there might be many tiny party crashers who are looking for a free meal. Prepare for them in advance in order to prevent them from ruining your backyard event.

8. Identify the Meat

If you plan on hosting a big barbecue with a lot of hungry carnivores, you might get tired of asking "rare, medium or well-done?" every five minutes. Instead, create signs for each type of meat and put them in front of individual platters where you drop off the finished steaks.

Enjoy the company of your friends and family during this season of beautiful sunny weather. Heat up that BBQ pit and have some good ol’ family fun!


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