Thanksgiving is a day for spending time with your family and enjoying some delicious food. There is a build-up to the big meal, but after the meal is over, what do you do? You can always take a nap, but we would like to offer up a few other ideas.  Here are 5 great yard games you can play with the family post-turkey meal.

Football or Other Sports

Nothing says Thanksgiving like a family game of football. Depending on the ages and athleticism of your family members, you can make this as intense or as friendly as you like. All you need to get a game of football going is a pigskin and a set of flags and belts if you plan to play flag football. If not, you can always play two-hand touch. Other sports you might play include soccer, softball, basketball, or ultimate frisbee.

Capture the Flag

If your family does not want to play a sport, but still wants to run around, why not try a game of capture the flag? Setup is easy and the rules are simple. You will need a long rope or spray paint to paint a line down the middle of your field. You will also need two "flags." Frisbees work well. You will need 4 cones for bases and prisons on either side. Your family will split into two teams. Each team places their flag wherever they want on their side of the field and chooses one guard. Teams then begin on their own side and try to cross over into enemy territory to grab the flag. If anyone is tagged by someone on the enemy team, they must go to prison until a teammate tags them out. A team wins when someone makes it back to their side with the other team's flag.

Horseshoes, Bocce, Corn Hole, or Ladder Golf

If you're looking for something a little less intense, you may want to try a fun game like horses, bocce, corn hole or ladder golf. These games all require special equipment, like horseshoes or a corn hole board. All of the games involve tossing an object toward an intended target. These games are lighthearted and fun, but still highly competitive and a great way to bond with your family.

Large Board Games

Board games are always fun around the holidays when you have a big group together. Board games can be even more fun if you take them outside and make them larger than life. You can make a large chess or checkers set right in your backyard. It's also easy to make Jenga, Connect 4, or dominoes. Your family will love playing these games on large boards.


Croquet is a classic game played with mallets, heavy balls, and wickets. After setting up croquet on your lawn, the object is to hit your balls through the wickets using the mallets and be the first to get your ball through the course.

With a few outdoor games set up and ready to go, your family can have a great time together long after the meal is over.


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